Formed in 1976, the club has been serving the people of Milk River ever since and expanded its network from Foremost to Magrath.

From Cable TV to Broadband Internet

Before 2005, dial-up Internet access was the only option in Milk River and the Club only offered TV service. You had to use one phone line for both Internet and calling. This was always a point of conflict in any family home! To have a dedicated line for Internet there was a long wait, phone lines were in limited supply.

In 2005 the Directors of the Club weren't willing to settle for dial up internet access when the rest of the world was moving to high speed Internet. Nobody else was bringing High Speed to Milk River; the not-for-profit Club decided that the only solution was to become an Internet Service Provider.

The Alberta SuperNet helped to make that possible. Milk River residents now have High Speed Internet service in addition to over 300 channels of digital television. The Milk River Cable Club is able to provide very cost effective Internet, Phone, and TV services to all residents of Milk River and Coutts, and Internet to the surrounding areas.

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