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IPTV Launch!

Hello everyone! It is time for the long-awaited launch of our IPTV system! Here is what you need to know:

Below are the new package offerings, everything showing in red is unavailable but on the way! As soon as we have channel numbers for the red channels we will update this page.

What are the other costs associated with the TV system?

$5.00 per month modem rental*

*If you already have our internet you can use your existing modem!

Monthly Box Rental:

Amino Kamai 7B $5.00

Amino Kamai 7XM (Secondary PVR) $7.50*

Amino Kami 651 $5.00

Amino Amulet 655M 1TB (PVR) $10.00

Amino Amulet 7XM (PVR) $10.00

*Subject to change

We will be booking installations for the first week in June starting with folks on our waitlist and then moving on to everyone else!

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