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What is IPTV? - MRCC's Replacement For Cable

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IPTV is TV service through your internet connection. Due to cable systems going out of date as all technology does after a time, we have chosen to move away from the old cable TV system. The new system is monitored and controlled remotely reducing outages and downtime significantly. In addition, because the TV is provided through the internet you will experience no more pixelation or jumbled picture, and sound desynchronization (that weird/jumbled sound problem) should be greatly reduced during your watching experience. The internet service will see improvements as well!


The more technical side of things:

Before the switch to IPTV, you had two signals coming into your home to provide services, one for cable and one for the internet. Though the signals required for this system differ, due to the older nature of the homes in our communities they had to enter your homes through the same channel and thus had to be balanced and counterbalanced in order to reduce interference between the two. As a result of this balancing, outages and other disruptions occurred causing the two systems to work less optimally than they should have which caused slower internet speeds and contributed to viewing disruptions. IPTV fixes this issue by removing the cable signal so that we can balance the frequencies in our system for just one purpose, eliminating much of the local interference in the system.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will IPTV cost more?

No, after reviewing the costs of operating the system we are happy to say that the cost to operate this system are manageable at our current pricing and will match what you currently pay for cable while providing you with better quality service

Are we losing channels?

Are prices being reduced to compensate for the missing channels?

I don't use your internet, can I still have the new TV system?

I am a rural member and couldn't get cable TV, can I get this new system?

What are my other options if I do not want your new system?

If you have any other questions about the new service, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office, over the phone, through email, or on our Facebook page.

Click HERE to sign up for the IPTV waitlist!

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